What is the comprehensive logging simulation training system?

What is the comprehensive logging simulation training system?


The comprehensive logging simulation training system produced by Esimtech is an advanced simulation training equipment. The simulation training equipment can simulate the real logging field environment, simulate various abnormal accidents and collect, record and print various data in real time.


It can be used to meet the requirements for operators, logging teams, training schools and petroleum engineering colleges to conduct comprehensive logging simulation training. The system adopts the imitation full size logging instrument room, sand table well pad model, sensor model, and advanced logging software, as well as drilling abnormal accident simulation software and sensor detection software developed by the company. It can show the whole process of comprehensive logging to the trainees in an all-round way, so that they can easily master various operating skills and experience in predicting and handling drilling accidents.


Esimtech is an enterprise that produces and develops simulation training systems for the oil and gas industry. Many years of experience, advanced technology and rich RD personnel have made Esimtech's oil and gas simulator products popular with customers at home and abroad.