Why Choose Custom Screws And How To Find A Right Manufacturer

More than 200 billion fasteners are used in the U.S. each year. from technological to construction-based industries, that’s a lot of demand. Screws are responsible for holding your product or project together.


More than 200 billion fasteners are used in the U.S. each year. from technological to construction-based industries, that’s a lot of demand. Screws are responsible for holding your product or project together.

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The electronics industry has always been driven by innovation. Whether a company is involved in creating consumer electronics, medical devices, small toys, miniaturized robots, circuits board assemblies, or electrical components, they all invest heavily in the research and development of new products. With constant pressure on company engineering teams to create new, and improve existing products, more quickly and more cheaply, many electronics companies are using analytics to gain insights into improving their manufacturing processes. In addition, a growing number of companies in the electronics industry are outsourcing the manufacturing of their parts or even their products, so they can concentrate instead on developing strategies to remain competitive in the global marketplace.

Another factor of cost-control, often overlooked in manufacturing cost-analysis, is the importance of specifying the correct fasteners in the conceptual and research phases of product design. Not using the best type or size of fastener can have a major impact on production costs and the ultimate success of the product in the marketplace.

The cost of making small electronic screw changes during the production cycle can be significant. However, making the right fastener decisions, such as specifying custom-designed small screws for electronics, early in the product’s design phase, can lower production and assembly costs by reducing the component’s per-piece price or eliminating manual operations. To assure that you can offer new products of maximum quality at the lowest cost, take advantage of the input of top design engineers, like the experts at Screw, to customize fasteners to your specific needs during design and development. The right fasteners can prevent costly failures and delays in production, and increase your ability to offer high-quality products at the lowest cost.

When considering a redesign, such as switching to a more durable material for a frequently impacted small component, you’ll want to consult a micro screw specialist to customize fastener compatible with the new material. If this element of the redesign is overlooked, the consequences could be very costly – with products being returned for repairs, lower customer satisfaction, higher warranty costs, or even a recall of the product.

We have the knowledge and expertise to offer materials and finish options for your specific product needs. The team at Screw works diligently to provide unparalleled solutions to meet the electronics industry need for micro fasteners by creating custom machine screws with the highest level of integrity for their product or assembly.

Finding a screw manufacturer that can produce high quality items is absolutely key — don’t take a risk on a cheap price and a cheap product. If you rely on custom fasteners, you’ve got a lot of options in terms of handpicking your own manufacturer. Selecting the right one can mean the difference between a product that withstands the test of time, or one that crumples at the first sign of stress; here are the most important characteristics you should look for in a custom screw manufacturer.

Screw operates a global network of world-class technical professionals to provide cost-effective solutions for any small diameter application. As a leading supplier of custom manufactured small screws for electronics, our goal continues to be saving our customers substantial costs with design and manufacturing efficiency. We accomplish this by working closely with company teams at the initial product design phase, or whenever a product change is deemed necessary. We also supply custom micro screws for small projects, encouraging innovation world-wide.

Did you know that it wasn’t until 1928 that the National Screw Thread Commission established a standard for screw threads? Before that, all screws needed to be handmade, so no two were ever alike. While those methods are obviously long gone, sometimes — especially in the case of extremely low-cost fasteners — inconsistencies exist. As a business owner, you can’t afford to have some products that stay together and some that fall apart. Look into your screw manufacturer’s previous clients’ experiences to see if they’ve had any similar issues.