What is a production logging simulator?

What is a production logging simulator?


In oil drilling, logging must be carried out after drilling to the design depth. The purpose is to obtain various petroleum geological and engineering technical data as the original data for well completion and oilfield development. This kind of logging is commonly called open hole logging. The second series of logging after the casing is laid in the oil well is customarily called production logging or development logging. The development of production logging has generally gone through analog logging, digital logging, numerical control logging, and imaging logging. Well four stages.

The production logging simulation training system developed and manufactured by Esimtech is based on virtual reality technology, computer technology, graphics technology, multimedia technology and logging theory. The training simulator can solve the pre-job training and assessment of logging technicians, so that the training can be synchronized with the actual production needs.

If you want to know more about the simulation training system for logging, please contact Esimtech, in addition to production logging simulators, we also manufacture Open Hole Well Logging SimulatorCompound Logging Simulator, etc.