What are the advantages of aluminum die casting?

What are the advantages of aluminum die casting?


Aluminum die casting plays a very important role in today's industrial production and is used in many fields.

The main advantages of aluminum die castings are as follows:

  1. Aluminum die castings have unique appearance and light weight.
  2. The relative density of aluminum alloy profiles is significantly lower than that of pig iron, cast steel, etc., but it is much higher in compressive strength and corrosion resistance. Therefore, applying aluminum die castings under the same net load can significantly reduce the net weight of the structure.
  3. The surface finish of the aluminum alloy profile is high, and the casting characteristics are high.
  4. Good product quality: castings have high dimensional accuracy, high strength and hardness.
  5. High production efficiency: high machine productivity, easy to realize mechanization and automation.
  6. Excellent economic effect: due to the precise size of die-casting aluminum parts, the surface is smooth and clean. Generally, it is used directly without mechanical processing, or the processing amount is very small.

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