steps to create a simple content marketing strategy

Easy steps to create a simple content marketing strategy


Easy steps to create a simple content marketing strategy

Step 1: Describe your vision
Every good strategy always needs a compelling vision. A clear picture of the future that motivates action.

In inbound marketing , you want your customers to come to you. So you must always become a resource . A true source of useful content. My colleague Norbert Schuster also calls it the “ water hole strategy ”. A nice metaphor for that!

So paint a picture of your future content hub. What does that thing look like? What can it do? What are the benefits? Do you have one of the biggest blogs in your industry that gets lots of mentions and links? Do you have a successful podcast that consistently ranks on iTunes? A huge video channel that gets you on talk shows? Or a free membership area with thousands of members who support each other?

So ask yourself the question: What does success look like and how can I measure it?

I want our blog to become the resource for inbound marketing. Just like we became the source for blogging with the monkey blog . When you think of inbound marketing, Chimpify and Bono (our logo and mascot, respectively) immediately spring to mind.

The concrete milestones and goals come later when doing. Then you simply set yourself the goal of reaching your first 100 e-mail subscribers. Then the first 1,000, then the first 10,000. That will keep you busy for a few years! ?


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Step 2: Position your content
You should not only position your products, but also your content or your content hub. Isabell Schäfer has written an exciting guest article for us here .

When I started in 2012 it was different. There is so much content today. And it's getting more and more. Some are even talking about the content shock . But there is always a gap. And you have to find and fill this gap.

So look left and right. What are your competitors doing? And what can you do better or differently ? Also note that TV shows, print magazines, radio, etc. are also content competitors.

Here are a few questions to help you get started:

What content medium do they use?
How often do they post content?
What topics do they report on?
How accurate, deep and useful is their content?
So think about what makes your content stand out from other content . What makes him unique? What makes him the Purple Cow ?

I often observe that in German-speaking countries that the content is simply not good enough . So you can still position yourself in many industries simply by creating really good content. This is easy in theory and difficult in practice. But definitely doable!