AAA battery holder supplier--KENENG

AAA battery holder supplier--KENENG


The battery is cylindrical, about 43.6 mm high and 10.1 mm in diameter. AAA batteries are a common type of battery and are smaller than AA batteries. It is often used in electronic products with small size and low power consumption, such as MP3 players, small remote controls, etc.


KENENG can produce 4 AAA battery holder with wire, 2 AAA battery holder with wire, KY-31008-1-1 (fourth section on the 7th with wire), 2 AAA battery holder with PC pin, 2 AAA battery holder (SMT), 2 AAA battery holder with wire and PH2.0-2P connector, Battery Holder AAA (SMT)6 AAA battery holder with wire and connector, 2 AAA battery holder with cover, 2 AAA battery holder with wire, cover, and WB 200- 2P connector, etc.


KENENG has professional and complete equipment for producing battery boxes and experienced personnel. KENENG is a battery box manufacturer and supplier, established a plastic battery box factory in 2011, we applied for the trademark of the battery box many years ago. And it has cooperated with well-known companies such as BBC, Xiaomi, Gree, ZTE, Haier, BYD, and other well-known companies for more than 10 years. We have a large stock of standard model AAA battery cases. We can also provide customized products and services based on your specific needs. KENENG is deeply loved by domestic and foreign customers for its high-quality products, sincere communication and professional technology.